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The most advanced
and versatile 4-


We want our machines to be strong in all the conditions a logger faces.
That’s why we also equipped our S4 harvester with a unique hydraulic
direct drive. This ensures the harvester is equally at home on soft
ground, steep mountain slopes and deep snow.

Harder, smarter, safer

The ProSilva S4 is a 4-wheel drive all-rounder with excellent reliability and safety. The harvester has an enhanced heavy duty front frame structure compared to the S3 4×4 so it can be equipped with larger cranes and harvester heads.

The S4’s engine drives twin hydraulic pumps that allow the crane and harvester head to be used at the same time. Several functions can be operated simultaneously with continuous hydraulic oil flow.

Operator comfort and wellbeing have always been a key design principle for us, so the S4 operator cabin is spacious and ergonomic. The rear wheels can be equipped with pendulum arms which automatically self-level the machine frame laterally. The pendulum arms ensure safety and operating stability as well as comfort. The operator cabin also levels itself backwards and forwards in a longitudinal direction. All these functions, combined with the cabin’s automatic horizontal rotation, makes ProSilva the most comfortable forest machine on the market.

The 4×4 wheel configuration with large diameter wheels and high traction drive system turns steep slopes and deep snow from a risk into an opportunity. And if you need even more traction the wheels can be replaced with tracks.

“Low operating costs and an trustworthy supplier”

“For us the conclusive reason to buy ProSilva was the low operating costs combined with the high productivity. We were also impressed by the company’s and its employees’ reliability. Over the years these impressions have lasted and even got stronger.”

Veijo Laukkanen
Punkaharjun Metsäpalvelu Oy

Keep it simple and robust

ProSilva’s “keep it simple and robust” design philosophy makes our forest machines the most cost-efficient tools on the market. Our winning characteristics are the wheel specific hydraulic hub drive, ingenious placement of components, ultra-small turning circle and the lowest centre of gravity on the market.


Tires700-series: front and rear 710/70-34
Lenght6480 mm
Width2850 or 3050 mm
Height3310 or 3580 mm
Ground clearance700 mm
Weightfrom 17200 kg


Specification6-cylinder Cummins B6.7 EU stage V
Power186 kW
Torque1152 Nm @ 1500 rpm

Traction system

Traction systemHydrostatic
Tractive force180 kN
Steering max angle+/- 47°


SpecificationElectric controlled, load sensing dual pump system
Oil flow448+336 l/min @ 1600rpm

Crane options

Kesla 16-series
Logmer 14-series

Harvester head options

AFM, Kesla, Keto, Logmax, Waratah