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The smallest
footprint in soft


Since there was no forest friendly option on the forwarder market we
decided to develop one. The F2 is the most forest floor friendly
forwarder on the market. This is not just an opinion, we also have the
independent research results to prove it.

The least damage to peat-based areas

The Prosilva F2-forwarder was developed based on a real need for sustainability as there was no mid-size forwarder that could operate gently in peat-based forests.

According to the Swedish government research institute the F2 is the only forwarder whose footprint started to reduce after the first couple of driving cycles. All other forwarders’ track depth constantly increased with the number of driving cycles. Being understandably proud of this test we dare to claim that the ProSilva F2 is the world’s most forest friendly forwarder.

“There are virtually no footprints in the forest”

“We have both a ProSilva F2-forwarder and a ProSilva half-track harvester. Both are used on soft ground where our logging sites mostly are. We receive a lot of positive feedback from forest owners that there are virtually no footprintsin the forest.”

Pertti Kuoppamäki
Harvestline Oy

Keep it simple and robust

ProSilva’s “keep it simple and robust” design philosophy makes our forest machines the most cost-efficient tools on the market. Our winning characteristics are the wheel specific hydraulic hub drive, ingenious placement of components, ultra-small turning circle and the lowest centre of gravity on the market.